Betz + Blevins is different.

We are uniquely positioned as an, independent practice. We focus on individuals, not institutional or corporate clients. This allows us to have a distinctive focus on assisting individuals with specific and unique needs, such as those working within the educational sphere. We’ve helped counsel and advocate for teachers, professors, and school administrators from many of the schools, colleges and universities in the State of Indiana. We’ve worked closely with the American Association of University Professors Indiana Chapter, and developed an affiliation with them.

Not only do we have the experience representing educators and administrators in a wide range of situations, we have the resources to do so. With our staff, we can handle the research, legal documents, and litigation needs of your case.

We also don’t consider the practice of law to be just a job. Rather, it’s our vocation. It’s how we realize our passion for justice. And how we demonstrate to individuals that the legal system can work for them.

As advocates for executives, administrators, teachers, and professors focusing on employment law, academic rights, intellectual rights, and grievance or disciplinary disputes, Betz + Blevins believes deeply in our mission of representing those who seek justice and redress for the workplace-related wrongs that violate their civil rights.

Betz + Blevins is known for delivering large-law-firm quality along with the small-firm advantage of top-notch personal service. We offer the resources to fight on behalf of individuals in a law firm with a sufficient staff of full-time lawyers, one that is run as a professional business. We take great pride in closely managing the process of each case every step of the way.

Our integrity dictates that we don’t take on every case. We balance your interests as education professionals—professional, financial, academic, and emotional—with the legal and workplace realities of your dispute. Our nearly 50 years of collective experience in employment law and individual rights and numerous claims and settlements made on behalf of teachers, professors, and administrators informs our counsel to you. In addition, we aid our clients in a number of venues outside the courtroom, e.g. school board hearings or administrative hearings, to provide counsel in legal matters and even to write official letters to meet educators’ legal needs.

We aim to provide representation conducted with our clients’ best interests in mind, so that they come away with the satisfaction of having been well served. All potential clients are asked to schedule a consultation with us, so we may better understand them and so that we can provide some preliminary insight into what the process of their redress might look like.

As one of Indiana’s premier individual rights law firms, we believe that we enjoy an excellent reputation throughout the state’s legal community. We have a successful practice in the areas of educators’ and administrators’ rights including academic rights and freedom, intellectual property, tenure agreements, employment agreements, grievance and disciplinary issues, discrimination, harassment, as well as situations involving the rights of employees in the educational sphere.

Betz+ Blevins is committed to providing realistic guidance, aggressive and honorable advocacy, and sound counsel.